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Sold My Soul

Thursday, 25 April, 2013 - 8:00 am


Dear Rabbi,

I was listening to a freakonomics podcast about selling your soul. There was one man who throughout his life was willing to buy the soul of any atheist for $50. After many years, he finally found a seller. A paper was signed stating that the soul was purchased. It got me thinking; do Jews believe in souls? If yes, what is the Jewish view?


Sold My Soul


 Dear SMS,

That story is really interesting. I wonder why most atheists, who claim that there are no souls, would not sell theirs to him. Judaism believes in at least two souls; the life giving soul, a.k.a the selfish soul, and the G-dly soul that is spiritually focused, G-d focused.  The selfish soul is the one who gives us drive; a will to live and an interest in making progress. The job of the G-dly soul is to educate and teach the selfish soul that a relationship with G-d is one of the most enjoyable feelings a human being can experience. So can you sell your soul? Every choice we make throughout our day and throughout our week, we have to ask ourselves “am I selling my soul?” Is what I am doing a selfish act or will it make this world a better place and/or enhance my relationship with G-d.

Enjoy the yeshiva boys this Shabbos,

Rabbi Kushi

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