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Exclusive - Go Home

Thursday, 17 January, 2013 - 8:05 am

This Seder is exclusive, only those with tickets can come! 

 Pesach (Passover), the holiday commemorating the birth of theJewish people, seems to not celebrate a people but family. We see this in the times of the Temple that the Passover Lamb was only allowed to be shared with those who were assigned to it. Usually, each group comprised of family and extended family and at times two families joined together. Now, without the sacrificial limitations, we are still enjoined by the Torah to relate the story of Pesach to our children; keeping the tradition of 'family seders', as it is written: “You must relate the story to your child".

One of the lessons learned from this is that true freed begins at home. The family—not the Temple, nor the synagogue— is the center of civilization. It is in the home where people are molded. (Want to hear more on this? reply for audio of this weeks class.)

The Torah is telling us, that everything must begin in the home. It is at home that lessons are learned and love is nurtured.

Judaism understands that what matters most, occurrs not in boardrooms, but in kitchens; not on the desks of CEOs but in the arms of mothers and fathers cuddling their children and sharing with them the story of the human potential to liberate itself from the confinements of instinct, selfishness, hate and superficiality.

On Pesach (Passover) the Torah tells us: You want to become a nation and change the world? Go home!

See you on Shabbos

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Rabbi Kushi Schusterman 

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