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Whose Mistake Was It Anyway?

Thursday, 21 June, 2012 - 10:21 pm

Many of you are aware that yesterday the Chabad office email was compromised. It was hacked by a person in Nigeria. I spoke with 2 people who work in Computer Service They wanted to figure out if my password was strong and if i had a virus on my computer. Thank G-d we determined that our website is safe and my regular email was not compromised. But the question we normally ask ourselves is – Who is to blame?

We have all asked this kind of question; we ask it when things go wrong. Am I to blame? Was it my mistake? Was it nature? Is there a message? Was it divinely orchestrated?

One of the hidden messages in this week’s Torah portion is that G-d is the orchestrator of all events. When something happens; we should not beat ourselves up or put blame on anyone. We should ask ourselves what we can do to prevent the mishap from happening in the future and we should hold the responsible party accountable (as I wish I could do with my friend in Nigeria).

However, the most important next step can be life altering, using this "negative" event as a paradigm shift, recognizing that this occurrence is a message for us. It is a message from the creator of the world with his infinite wisdom. Maybe it is a reminder that we do not run the world, maybe it is a reminder from G-d to take a break and spend more time with family, maybe its something else but there is a message.

What message do you think I should take from my email being hacked?

Hope you have a great Shabbos,

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman

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