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Are You On Fire?

Thursday, 7 June, 2012 - 10:17 pm

The light of the Menorah in the Beit Hamikdash, the Holy Temple, cast its glow on the world. This light was a spiritual and G-dly fire, manifest in a physical flame. The Talmud tells us that King Solomon designed the windows for the Temple to be narrow on the inside and wide on the outside. If the purpose of the windows was to bring exterior light into the Holy Temple the opposite should have been the case. (like most windows those days Click for image)The paradoxical shape of the windows communicated the message that the House of G-d required no light from the world but rather provided light (from the Menorah) for the universe.

As we don't have the Menorah today, it is up to us to spread the spiritual and G-dly fire in a way that it can be manifest in this physical world. It is easy to tell others what they are doing wrong but to be a light for others we need to make sure that we are on fire ourselves.

There are people who have this "fire" in them. Have you ever met someone who is passionate? They have warm blood pulsating through their veins. Before they even speak to you, you know they have a passion for what they are about to tell you. Take Josh, for example, who is into baseball. There is hardly a conversation you will have with him that he will not mention baseball. His passion is so strong, you notice it regardless of what he is doing, whether it is eating, drinking, walking or sleeping. He will even try to get you to go to a game regardless of your "anti-baseball ideology".

How do we develop this passion into a spiritual fire in ourselves? For this the Torah gives us practical steps. We take stock of our Shul attendance, can we come more often? Do we make it a priority? Do we make an effort to learn more Torah? Try the search featurehttp://www.harfordjewish.com/Search on our website, there are literally thousands of Torah classes. Enjoy live classes better? Host one in your home for your friends - email Rabbi@HarfordJewish.com so we can find a time and subject that you enjoy. As in the temple, it is a never ending work, the menorah needed to be lit every day. It is the same when growing spirituality. It is a daily practice of transforming our lives to be more G-dly. Do we have other responsibilities? Sure! But think of "Josh" - he wouldn't miss a "game" for anything!

Are you gonna be a fan? Are you going to kindle your flame?

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman

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