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A Pesach Blessing and Message

Friday, 6 April, 2012 - 12:55 pm


After your Seder tonight or tomorrow night you may ask yourself, "am I free? Have I been liberated"?

You may even look in the mirror and realize that you haven't eradicated that negative trait, you are still stuck trying to move forward and that you also now have a couple extra lbs that you need to work off.

What's it really all about?

Passover empowers us to move forward, one day at a time, one victory at a time and one liberation at a time.  It is not about the destination but rather about the journey.  

When the Jewish people left Egypt they didn't go straight from there to Israel.  They spent 40 years in the desert going from one journey to the next, one growing experience to the next until Gd saw it fit that they enter into the Land.

Pesach is the annual empowerment for the daily growths.  It gives us the ability to move forward each and every day, growing a little bit until Gd sees it fit for us to arrive at a certain victory only to realize that there is yet another battle to be fought.

As the smell of Marror, Wine and Charoset is in the air I'd like to offer the following blessing for you, your family, friends and our entire Jewish community; May this Pesach bring empowerment for us to embrace our challenges with joy, to uncover the inner resources of the Neshama (soul) to work through and over those challenges and may Hashem see it fit to help us achieve victory, just as we embrace the next challenge with even greater joy.

Finally, may all external material pressures be relieved so that we can truly focus on our internal journey, strengthening our relationship with Gd through Mitzvah Observance, Torah study and making Gd relevant in our day to day lives.

With blessing for a Happy and Kosher Pesach, inner and external redemption,

Rabbi Kushi and Mrs. Fraida Schusterman

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