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Untamed Energy

Thursday, 24 November, 2011 - 12:36 pm


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Let me introduce you to 2 people

David is a very driven, independent, and competitive individual. His drive to succeed is not stoppable and you won’t see any boundaries. He owns his own business and spends 24 hours thinking and doing things to grow his company. David’s assets fluctuate between a million dollars in debt to a 10 million dollar net worth. But he loves his job and is passionate about what he does.

Mike is an employee for a watch company; he gets paid a salary and works in sales. He comes in on time and does the work he is supposed to do. While he is at work, he thinks about it and tries to make more sales. Mike follows the rules and won a few awards. He makes $100,000 a year and every now and then gets nice bonuses. He doesn’t always love his job but says it pays the bills.

Thanksgiving, they both don’t go into the office. During the meal, both of them received calls from a supplier in Europe. David took the call and told the family to hold on a few minutes because “it is an important call”. An hour later he returned but most of the family was long done the meal and weren’t too interested in hearing his excuses.

Mike, on the other hand, said to himself it is family time and the supplier will have to wait. He hung out with his family but the supplier went to a competitor.

David’s business runs his life while Mike lives life and work is just one part of it. David’s life is chaotic, Mike’s is predictable. David is the life of the party, but only if he shows up; Mike will show up and you will have a good time with him.

David and Mike are similar to Esau and Jacob from this week’s Torah portion. Esau and Jacob were twins and they represent these 2 types of living: untamed energy with the power for unlimited growth and structured life with a steady path upward.

Esau could have been the greatest of men but he wasn’t willing to hold himself back. Jacob had to “break the rules” and “step out of his comfort zone” only to be able to receive blessings when he was “wearing the clothes of Esau”. He was willing to connect finite and infinite, unlimited potential and stability. How did he do this? By following the directive of his mother: “And you shall bring to your father that he may eat, in order that he bless you before his death.” Even though it was out of his comfort zone and a bit deceitful (Esau style), Jacob did as instructed.

We too have the ability to to connect finite and infinite, unlimited potential and stability. We can do this by following the directives of G-d; doing Mitzvot and good deeds even when they are out of our comfort zone.

Commit to a specific mitzvah from now to New Years! What Mitzvah are you going to do?

Need Help? With a mitzvah click here for step by step guides etc. or Contact Me via email or at 443-353-9718

Happy Thanksgiving and Have a good Shabbos!

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman


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