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Wednesday, 22 June, 2011 - 11:59 am

 About 3,320 years ago there lived a man named Korach who wanted equal rights for all. (Click here for the original account of the story.) 

Korach came to Moses with the following complaint: We all have our own unique and precious soul with our own connection to G-d so why do you think you are better? Why can’t we all be equal?

Moses response was that those in the ‘higher positions’, ie the High Priest, were placed there by G-d.  We can not all be in that position, as we need each person, with their distinct talents, in order to have a functioning society.  It does not show that one is greater or better then the other, however that we each have a different purpose to fill. Each one of us has a unique spiritual path to connect with G-d.  We need to realize that the person in the ‘higher position’ does not connect directly to G-d because he is better but because of the mission that he was entrusted with. Although their mission is not for everyone, that connection is a physical manifestation of the soul that we should imbue even into our mundane activities.

Although most people need to work and can not spend all their time in the ‘Sanctuary’, G-d wanted our soul to be able to express itself even in the work place and during all other mundane activities. How do we accomplish this?  By looking up to the Kohen Gadol’s (the High Priest) constant connection to a Hashem, we are reminded that the purpose - the ‘soul’ - of our work is to elevate it and connect it with G-d.

True equality is when we are united in our purpose of bringing G-dliness into the world, through “Torah and Mitzvot ™”, while allowing each individual to express themselves in their own way.  Simultaneously, the leaders need to remember the responsibility that comes with their position while we need to respect the leaders for the standards that they represent.

Have a good Shabbos.

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman

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