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Eyes Checked

Wednesday, 11 May, 2011 - 11:58 am

This week Fraida and I went to get our eyes checked. Going for the exam, made me realize the significance of seeing clearly. Every morning in the morning blessings, we thank G-d for allowing us to see. Realizing the importance of clear vision can change our perspective on events in our lives.

Try this out and you will see why. 

1) Close your eyes (or get blindfolded). 
2) Ask someone to take you to another room. 
3) Ask them to turn you around so you don’t know which room you are in and which way you are facing. 
4) Try to find the light switch in the room you are in. 
5) Open your eyes or take off the blindfold.

Do you see it?

While doing this exercise did you mistake an electrical outlet for the light switch? How about a shelf for a table? When we can not see clearly we may identify things for what they are not.  Furthermore, when we do not see the ‘whole picture’, we can misinterpret what we are looking at. In that case, we would need to get “glasses” so that we can begin to look at and perceive things in the right way.

A man walks into a room and sees 10 masked men with knives and a person covered in blood on the table. 

Are the ten masked men murderers? 
Are the ten masked men surgeons?

Realizing that our vision is limited will lead us to judge every person to the side of merit. For more on this click here.

Have a wonderful Shabbos and feel free to join us for tonight’s class the Kabbalah of taking interest payments.

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman 

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