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The Turtle

Wednesday, 13 April, 2011 - 5:07 pm


Why did the turtle cross the road?

It was Monday morning and ‘Turt’ the turtlewandered out of the woods and came to theTollgate Road and Marketplace Drive intersection. Turt proceeded to cross the street not paying attention to the cars coming and going. A driver noticed Turt and stopped to allow him to traverse safely. As I was coming from the other direction and noticed the stopped car, I too stopped to allow the turtle to cross. This caused a backup of cars. Needless to say, Turt, oblivious to the traffic HE has caused, safely made it to the other side of the road. As Turt continued on his merry way, I was reminded that we can learn something from everything we see or hear and apply it to our service of Hashem.

While contemplating this experience, I realized that there are times that, while completely oblivious to it, I may be the cause of that which is holding me back from progress. I may be thePharaoh who is not allowing me to leave Egypt. I may be thetaskmaster who is forcing me to spend more hours in the office instead of with my family. To facilitate the advance of my progress, all I need to do is realize it is I who is holding me back.

So why did the turtle cross the road? Maybe it was to teach me this message.

Thank you, Turt, for teaching me this practical lesson.

Now you can ask yourself; why did you hear the story of Turt crossing the road?

Have a Great Shabbos!

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman

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