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We Can Do It! Just Like They Did!

Thursday, 24 February, 2011 - 7:30 pm

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Have you ever done something and realized that you should have planned it first? Have you ever planned something and needed to change its implementation? Do you have goals? Do you have a way of getting there?

G-d did! G-d commanded Moses to build the Tabernacle (the forerunner of the Holy Temple). He gave Moshe all the details of how to make it. He gave the “plan”.  He outlined the goal, that this world should have a place for G-d to call home, a place that would reveal G-d's Presence. 

There is no delay between Moses telling us that we need to build the Tabernacle and the generosity of the Jewish people to donate to the cause and implement the building. People were asked to voluntarily give precious metals and other objects of value for the project. People gave generously until the goal was accomplished.

Your local Chabad House has a goal! The mission was established by G-d a long time ago. The mission is “to make this world a home for G-d”. The “Moses” of our generation – The Rebbe - made clear what the plan is. He set up a network of over three thousand Jewish centers worldwide. The goal of these centers is to provide the soul of every human being with the ability to connect with G-d. The goal is to inspire the spark to become a burning flame.

We can do this! It is possible, even here in Harford County!  By each committing to make it happen, we will accomplish.

Moshe guided them. but it was their generosity in giving and involvement that built the Tabernacle.  What they did in the Sinai desert we can do here. Let us learn from them

They make even the desert G-dly by donating, volunteering, and making sacrifices to accomplish..

1)      Donating– “Every generous hearted person shall bring it.” (Exodus 35:5) You can do this locally by donating and joining the Chai Club

2)      Volunteering - "Then all the wise hearted people of the performers of the work made the Mishkan."  (Exodus 36:8) You can do this locally by volunteering, i.e. for Purim or Pesach preparation. Just email  Chabad@HarfordJewish.com

3)      Making Sacrifices  - "And he offered up the burnt offering." Exodus 40:29 You can do this locally by taking on a mitzvah that you feel would take a “sacrifice” to do it and committing to do that mitzva for 3 months. (If you need accountability emailRabbi@HarfordJewish.com to state your commitment). 

Here too, G-d's intent will be brought to fruition, You and I are will be part of it and this will cause the glory of G-d to fill the Sanctuary.

Have a wonderful Shabbos.

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman

P.S. This week's to do list:

Fill out the Purim RSVP form
Fill out the Seder RSVP form
Order Shmurah Matzo
Plan to be at The Shul March 5th @ 10am for services

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