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Moon Renewal, Shining Sun

Wednesday, 16 February, 2011 - 11:59 am

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This year is a leap year. In the Jewish calendar an entire month, the month of Adar, is repeated.  This causes us to have two Purim holidays.  Purim is celebrated in the second Adar, while in the first Adar we have, what we call; Purim Katan – the small Purim. This year Purim Katan is this Friday, February 18.

The reason there is a "leap year" is to ensure that Pesach - Passover is celebrated during the spring season. Seasons are dictated by the sun and the Jewish calendar is dictated by the moon. Being that the lunar cycle is 354 days while the solar cycle is 365 days, there is a "leap year" every 2 or 3 years to make up the difference.

The sun’s light is the same daily; it does not get bigger or smaller as the days go by, it is fixed.  On the other hand, the moon is never the same, there will always be a difference between yesterday’s, today’s, and tomorrow’s moonlight, symbolizing change and innovation.

One of the practical lessons we can learn from the differences between the modus operandi of the sun and moon, is that one can employ these seemingly opposing characteristics in their life.

The expression of our values in our life needs to be predictable like the sun; it should be “as clear as day” what we stand for. At the same time, they may need a new package. We need to be innovative in ways to keep them fresh, vibrant and exciting, like the moon always changing while reflecting the sun’s light. 

That is what we stand for; a tradition of 3323 years that is ancient and fresh, genuine and applicable, solid and flexible all at the same time. Bringing Torah to a modern world without changing the "product" or deviating from Jewish law.

Have a wonderful week and try to think what mitzvah you can reNEW in your life that will inspire you, and of course, if you think of any innovative ideas how we can spread the warmth and joy of Judaisim in Harford or Cecil County, please email  chabad@harfordjewish.com.

Have a good Shabbos,

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman

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