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A bean

Thursday, 18 November, 2010 - 11:55 am


“Once a bean traveled the world to find you here", a sign on the window of Starbucks.

The Baal Shem Tov taught that every occurrence in this world is orchestrated as part of a Divine Plan. Even every leaf that falls from a tree is part of that plan. Every bean that travels the world, travels as part of the Divine Plan, even so far as to find YOU here. Everything is orchestrated for a purpose even down to the details of every leaf or bean.

The choice is given to each of us whether to utilize the bean or the action to make it in such a way that makes it a holy act. We can elevate the moment or opportunity, or we can just keep it mundane.

My cousin, Rabbi Levi Deitsch from Chabad of Tysons Corner passed away this past Shabbos afternoon. What I find remarkable about Levi was that he was a regular guy, but chose to act in a holy way. He was a human who lived on a very high level. Recently when a top doctor came to suggest that it was time to consider his "legacy," Levi spoke to the doctor about faith. He shared with the doctor that there is the natural world as people see it from a scientific perspective but that in reality G-d is the Creator of the world and it is up to Him to do what He wants. He knew that G-d runs the world totally, leaving nothing to chance. He kept this perspective and lived with true faith in the One G-d.

Let us each choose to add one act which we will do in a more G-dly way. Let's utilize even that bean which traveled so far for YOU. Let us recognize that there is a Source to all of creation and do what we can to view the world from a more G-dly perspective. Living in this way changes the world.

Have a good Shabbos.

Rabbi Kushi Schusteman

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