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Head Over Heels For Israel

Thursday, 29 July, 2010 - 12:00 pm

The opening of this week's portion - And it will be, because you will heed these ordinances and keep them and perform them, that the Lord, your G-d, will keep for you the covenant and the kindness that He swore to your forefathers. The word in Hebrew for "because" in this context is Eikev (hence the name of the portion) which can also be translated as heel. Thus the Talmud states, that if we guard the commandments that usually are stepped on with the heel (smaller Mitzvot) then we will receive G-d's belssing.

There are big issues in life and there are small issues. Now, I am not suggesting that we make big issues out of small ones. But sometimes there are small issues that are really not so small, but we might make them out to be insignificant because they don't occupy a significant space in our life. Or perhaps, we might see them as small issues in our lives, but big issues in someone else's life.

The Torah says, that when we don't overlook the small issues, and we identify what is truly valuable and important, then G-d will respond in kind. Sometimes there are issues in our lives that might really be insignificant. We ourselves might look back at it and see that it was indeed insignificant. But, when we recognize that the "small" issues are really not so small, then G-d responds by taking care of our "small" issues.

Here are some small issues in your life that are really not so small; Shabbos Candles, putting a daily penny in the charity box before you head out to work in the morning, kiss the Mezuza or put up a Mezuza. All of these "little" Mitzvahs and any other one that you might consider little causes G-d to see that we care. And when we show Him that we care about His small issues then He shows us that He cares about our small issues.

 Rabbi Kushi Schusterman

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