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Welcome to Australia

Thursday, 15 July, 2010 - 12:40 pm



I was arriving into Melbourne international Airport, the captain announced “welcome to Melbourne, please look around your seat for portable electronics and any small children you may have left behind”. So here I am raising capital in order to be able to start Chabad of Harford County.


The most common question I am asked is Why? Why would you take your family to an area foreign to your lifestyle as an observant Jew? Why are you non-judgemental? Why will people accept you there?

Before I tell you what I answer them, ask yourself what you think I would answer them!

This week we began reading the book of Deuteronomy, book 5 of the Five Books of Moses. The Hebrew name of this book is Devarim, which means things. Devarim begins with the verse ‘These are the things that Moses spoke’.

It made me think of the power and effect our words have. I realized that whatever answer I give can have a lasting effect, the power of my words can affect the person deeply.

So I tell the questioners: Man was put on this world to do a mission; to change the world, to build a place where G-d will be comfortable. A Home for G-d. In Harford County there are nice people, Jews, Non-Jews etc. Is G-d comfortable there? Is it a place where He can call home? I know that I together with you can make it that way.

That’s Why!

Q: Why do Jews answer a question with a question?

A: Why Not!

Make G-d feel cozy in your house this week by lighting Shabbat candles before the time listed above on the corner of this email. Don’t know how? www.fridaylight.org

Have a Blessed Shabbat.

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman



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