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The Grass Is Always Greener:

Thursday, 8 July, 2010 - 12:38 pm


Is looking at your neighbors green lawn actually that bad? Isn't it a good thing to want to have greener grass? What might be wrong with wanting the nicer car, the nicer house, the more united family, better marriage, more peaceful demeanor than you might have?

Of course we are not talking about jealousy, that's a sin. We are talking about striving for something better in life!

The answer is that we don't have the entire picture. We don't really know what comes with the green grass, what other complexities exist in that person's world. Not necessarily that they have other problems. But, that we don't really know what G-d's master plan is, what the nature of that person's soul is, the circumstances in which it was put on this earth are, the challenges and tools that it receives to achieve that Masterplan.

This is what this week's two Torah portion names mean. Matos - Staff or stick. Strong and mighty in one's convictions and Masay - journey, a commitment to moving forward along the journey of life. Conviction that we are limited in our understanding of the Masterplan but that there is a plan. And a journey towards being a better person.


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