Flooded? Overwhelmed? Trust, It's Ok!

Thursday, 27 October, 2022 - 10:27 pm

Finally, a full week of work with no holidays! 

However, I am overwhelmed with so much to do and so little time.

The anti-dote is to recognize that financial success is not a result of our genius or lack thereof.  King David tells us in psalms "If you eat the toil of your hands, you are praiseworthy, and it is good for you." Our involvement in earning a living should be some manual labor, not investing our whole self into it. This doesn't mean we shouldn't work smarter not harder. But we need to recognize that what we do is less important than doing something to give G-d a way to fund our life. 

When seeing hundreds of emails in the inbox and simply feeling flooded with work, try asking: Will anything terrible happen if I archive all these emails (after skimming for urgent ones)? Honestly, anything important will probably make its way back to the inbox.

Just out of college (or out of a job) and thinking what job to take? Wondering which field to go into to cover the bills piling up, without working crazy hours, and have extra to donate to Chabad and to go on vacation (didn't the Rabbi write last week that vacation is vital)?

If you are a typical American today, you may have some financial worries. There is lots of talk of inflation, interest rates going up etc. You may be in a place of overwhelm, drowning in the "many waters" of life and finances.

We need to remind ourselves that G-d is the provider of our sustenance. We need to create a vessel to allow G-d to fund us. He will fund us exactly the amount that he decided on the High Holidays, irrelevant to the number of hours invested and our stress level.

King Solomon tells us: Many waters cannot quench the love, nor can rivers flood it.

Remember: Nothing can detract from the love that we have innately for Hashem and His love for us. He will take care of us!

We need to learn to have true trust in G-d. Simple? Yes. Easy? No. The more we trust along with making a vessel to receive, the closer we are to having the great waters of the flood simply be a catalyst for a closer relationship with G-d and a better relationship with our job and money etc.

Have a good Shabbos!

Hope you aren’t too busy or overwhelmed to join us for minyan Shabbos morning at 10.

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman

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