Listen, you are a GEM

Friday, 9 September, 2022 - 11:12 am

We ask others; Did you hear the shofar?

Interestingly, the mitzvah is actually not to blow the Shofar, rather it is to listen to the sounds that it produces. With the Shofar, the skill is not with the one who blows it. The real effort and talent are with those that listen, absorb and internalize its message. The notes that we produce don't even have to be beautiful or musical. What is critical to the experience is to listen intently to those sounds, absorbing their power and intense holiness.

Each sound has a story and a message. Every note wakes us up, reminding us of our pure and pristine soul that is the essence of our identity. By listening and absorbing the sounds we are able to peel away our exterior and discover our true self.

I was studying a Chassidic discourse with the message that not only do you have the tools and material to build yourself into a better person, you also have the better person inside of you. 

At your essence you are a gem! You simply need to uncover the layers that are blocking you from shining and discover your greatness.

May we all be written and sealed for an amazing shining year.

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman

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