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Can we handle the unfiltered truth?

Thursday, 30 December, 2021 - 10:06 pm

This past week on Tuesday, the 24th of Teves, December 28, we commemorated the 209th passing of the Alter Rebbe, the first Chabad Rebbe, while fleeing from the onslaught of Napoleon, whom he opposed bitterly. His ohel (resting place) is in the Russian town of Haditch.

Tuesday night I joined a chassidic gathering on zoom. The facilitator spoke about an adage “had the Alter Rebbe not required absolute truth, he would have had fifty thousand more Chassidim.  But, the Rebbe demands the trait of truth”. 

In order to grow spiritually, the first ingredient is unfiltered truth, self reflection, where you can recognize your strengths and deficiencies.

It's easy to claim to be supportive of a cause, but do you do something about it? 

Think about it in politics, if you "support a candidate" but don't actually go out and vote, your support is just lip service.

The Alter Rebbe wasn't looking for pseudo chassidim, those claiming to want a relationship with Hashem.

He wanted people who were willing to do the hard work, to build a relationship, including the true self introspection. 

Can we handle the truth?

Are we willing to join the Chassidim?

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman

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