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Can't we all just get along?

Thursday, 4 November, 2021 - 10:14 pm

Some people are just not like us! Some are more rigid while others are too free flowing. There are people who we just don't like, often for no good reason.
This past week, at the International Conference of Chabad Rabbis, the Dvar Torah was about Abraham and Isaac. How they were so different yet the same. The verse says: Yitzchak is the son of Abraham and Abraham gives birth to Isaac. This shows us that despite their differences, they were intrinsically connected.
The Jewish people are descendants of Abraham and Isaac. Religion is sometimes rigid; these are the rules how you do it. Wine celebrating Shabbat on Friday night is a mitzvah (Soup and Scotch? this week 5:30 PM) whereas on Tuesday, a cup of wine is just a cup of wine.
Simultaneously, Judaism is a loving and embracing religion. If you are Jewish, your level of observance doesn't change any level of how Jewish you are.
When you come across someone with a different viewpoint, embrace the opposites. Recognize that you meeting them is part of your collective journey. We tend to label them negatively. Be it in politics, religion or in financial matters, etc. Instead, try engaging them with an open mind. Hear each other out respectfully. Even if you can’t see eye to eye. Agree to disagree.
Abraham is outreach, Isaac is the strength and fortitude to overcome challenges. How do we overcome the challenge of rejection when reaching out to a fellow Jew with love? By recognizing that we have the ability to balance two opposing feelings. Loving them and recognizing their need for space. They aren’t rejecting us. They are making space to accept us. As time moves on, reach out again, and see if they are ready, perhaps the time wasn’t right.
If you want to watch the whole conference, https://www.harfordchabad.org/221818 this Dvar Torah begins at an hour and 50 minutes into the program.
Have a good Shabbos and I hope to see you soon even if we have issues we disagree on :)
Rabbi Kushi Schusterman

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