November 2021
You helped my son with drug and alcohol addiction recovery by supporting Chabad

I have always felt connected to my Judaism, but now have any even deeper, stronger connection since getting involved with Harford Chabad. One reason? The rabbi saved my son.

My name is Susan. Growing up, I lived 10 years in Florida and was relatively religious (albeit Reformed) during that period of time. I went to Torah study with the Rabbi at the University in Gainesville, attended Sunday school, and services at least twice a week. 

But my opportunity to study and engage my Judaism multiple times a week pretty much stopped when our family moved to California. I started college at age of 15 (yes at 15!) and was consumed with that. Nevertheless, I did not get distracted from my Judaism.

My commitment has never wavered, even when life and work consume my time. But since meeting Rabbi Kushi, and Fraida, I have found a new, exciting path forward, immersing myself when I can with researching Chabad, its principles and traditions.

It has made me more interested in the teachings. I know we are supposed to make time for studies, but my work schedule makes that impossible sometimes. I’ve found myself on the Chabad websites reading materials, and very much look forward to my retirement in about four years and a return to a more active role in the local synagogue!

I was first introduced to Chabad in Newport Beach, California, when my mom passed away.  My brother is very religious (Conservative), attends services and Torah studies every week. The Chabad rabbi led the services for my mom. I then went to a few other services and found the teachings interesting and engaging. The same Chabad rabbi led the services when my father passed away.

Later, when I discovered Harford Chabad, I was immediately struck by Rabbi Kushi’s extraordinary dedication to the Belair community, but NOT as a means of increasing the congregation.

That commitment is to engaging and building Harford Chabad, yes, as a welcoming home for every Jew at whatever their level of observance. BUT also, to engaging and impacting the wider Bel Air and Harford County community in being an active and caring partner.

Beyond that community impact, Harford Chabad has impacted my life in the most profound of ways. Rabbi Kushi was instrumental in helping my son with drug and alcohol addiction recovery, and providing advice in helping my son Alex immigrate to Israel. He is now an Israeli citizen!

How incredible is that?
Harford Chabad has allowed me to grow an even stronger and deeper connection to the Judaism I have always cherished. With COVID, it has been hard to meet, but Rabbi Kushi keeps in contact with me. I continue to contribute to this congregation because of the great work he is doing in the community.
And you see – he saved my son, and for that I am forever grateful.

Thank you for your support of Harford Chabad, which allows everyone, at any level of observance of their Judaism, to feel that same warm, supportive “vibe”!