When I was looking for a Jewish community to connect with, I was seeking a deeper experience with Judaism. I had a friend who began attending Harford Chabad, So I decided to try Rosh Hashanah service just “to try it out for size.”

I wanted to be invisible that first time, but they didn't let that happen. The Rabbi made sure to come to the women’s section to personally greet me and welcome me. I really enjoyed the discussion of the holiday and its meaning. My husband (who is not Jewish), and our children were welcomed by you to the Harford Chabad community.

As I learned more about this special community, I learned that I was seen as a person, I was accepted as a Jew, no matter how observant I am. I wanted my children to learn and be a part of a Hebrew school that they enjoyed, and I could get to know other moms and young families and sure enough that’s exactly what happened.

You gave me a home where I am seen, I no longer want to feel invisible. My Family means everything to me! Growing up I enjoyed the connection to my faith and Jewish traditions. But I wanted to discover the logic and reasoning for those traditions and customs on a deeper level. You have made my family larger. Now my family includes the whole Chabad community.

You and the other supporters of the local Chabad community make it possible for me to continue to carry on our customs and faith. I found a more then a shul I found a family and a community that I belong to, that I am seen at, that I am an integral part of, and one that my husband and my children are part of and feel connected to.

Now we participate with our family in as many family events as we can. Our kids go to the Sunday School the Jewish women’s programs are worth kvelling about. Of course, the Challah baking is the most fun, maybe because I never learned how to make a challah before!

Because of your support I and others like me enjoy a deeper connection to our Judaism, our family has grown, no longer are we a bunch of Jewish moms, but from a range of observant perspectives, we are a family connected by our Jewish heritage and love for life and fun.

My life is just fuller, with a sense of a strong Jewish community and Jewish connection for my children. I feel like my understanding of Judaism has grown and I can find the discussion and perspective that I seek from my learning and discussions with the Rabbi and Fraida, I have a stronger sense of pride in my Judaism as well as the confidence that I am sharing that with my daughters, so they can lead happy, meaningful lives as Jews and be proud to be seen as the Jewish women of the future. No longer is there a need to feel invisible, but there is a need to stand as a proud Jewish women in Harford county.

When you help Harford Chabad continue ensuring that Judaism is seem in families like mine, you are building a future of connection and tradition that will last generations.