At one point during my marriage, my husband became very sick. I was worried. How will I survive the financial calamity that resulted from his illness? But the Jewish Charities saved the day! Your support really makes a difference!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Debbie. I am not Jewish. I grew up in Catonsville and attended a Lutheran Church when I was young. Growing up, my mother always spoke the language of love.

I now live in Harford County. My husband, of blessed memory, was Jewish and we attended shul and celebrated holidays. I had the opportunity to learn, as well as understand, different things about Judaism. We went to synagogues across the entire spectrum, from Orthodox to Reform.

My spiritual life path led me to attend Harford Chabad and finding a spiritual Jewish family in Bel Air.

After attending my first service conducted by Rabbi Kushi, I was moved that he shared his struggle with prayer. I felt it was a rather bold thing to share. It made me comfortable with my own “humanness.” I realized that this was a place that I could go to for counsel — and have several times.

Because of that connection, I am compelled to give back so that others can also experience that welcome connection, especially in a time of need.

My desire to support Chabad's efforts in Harford County came after seeing the passion and the vision here. I am thrilled that I am now able to return this beautiful gift of love and caring to help support the reality of the hard work to create this center.

A spark can really fuel a great vision.

Although I consider myself religiously unaffiliated, my participation with Harford Chabad over the last eight years has reconnected me with a tradition of activities that were an important part of my life. And now, in the spirit of my mother, I am able to share my love in a way that will be able to help others in Harford County, now and in the years to come.

Thank you for your support which has allowed Harford Chabad to rekindle that spiritual spark for me and other seekers. A spark that becomes a warm and welcoming flame of Jewish faith, in a community that speaks the “language of love” to all, regardless if they are Jewish or not.

Once I came through the doors, I have enjoyed the growth and expansion of Harford Chabad from the Schusterman’s home to the center in downtown Bel Air. I have been to prayer services, holiday events and Rabbi Kushi’s classes. A spark can really fuel a great vision.

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