Imagine a small child, David, living in ancient Israel under Greek rule. He knows that he must duck out of sight when the Greek soldiers come around. He is not allowed to go out to the market or to play outside. He is lonely and scared and misses the way things used to be.

Does that sound familiar to you? 

This has been a tough year for all of us, and some of us have it worse than others. Thank G‑d most people who are part of the community are doing well.

Some people are lonely and by making a gift today, you can help them.

Just a few weeks ago, while making calls and checking in on people in the community, it was uplifting to hear a generally positive response. Many are doing well, with masks being annoying their biggest concern, thank G‑d!

Others, unfortunately, are suffering; struggling with loneliness, loss of their job, a friend or a loved one who passed away.

Cynthia*, a local mom, is thankful that she has you and a community to rely on. She has a daughter who struggles with addiction. Whenever her daughter calls, she needs to make tough decisions: Do I let her come home? What about her partner who is a bad influence? Do I leave food on her doorstep? I want her to get better, but how do I make the right decision between love and responsibility?

Your gift of $180 today will guarantee her a community that is there for her. Can Cynthia count on you to join the fight against loneliness and ensure she is never alone?

Although we had not seen her all year, she knows she is part of a community and therefore does not feel alone. She knows she can reach out for guidance. 

Your support also ensures people feel inspired and connected to their past and their core values, their heritage, and who they are during these tough times! 

Your support inspires people to remain connected to their Jewish heritage. Think of Joe*, a 70-year-old who lives alone with his wife. They are active but have not been getting out so that they can remain healthy and safe. The weekly email, with a unique view on the Torah and its relevance to our daily lives, has helped them see how Torah can inspire us also during challenging times, even during a pandemic. 

The Smith* family was inspired to start lighting the weekly Shabbat candles and sit down for a Shabbat meal with their children. They disconnect from their devices and share why they value their Jewish heritage.

Your gift of $180 inspires people and gives them a connection to their identity.

Please join the fight against apathy by making

Robert*, a community member, was extremely sick. He had tested positive for the coronavirus and was in the ICU, fighting for his life. He was not allowed, visitors. All alone, fearful he was not going to make it, he sent a text asking for prayers and someone to talk to.

Having someone with whom he can talk (text) with when things got scary, invigorated him, and gave him the strength, fortitude, and emotional energy to fight the physical battle.

When his sister died, Robert was afraid he would not be able to say yizkor or mourner’s kaddish. Once again you came to the rescue, giving him emotional strength from his connection. He was invigorated to find a way to preserve her memory.

A gift like yours helped save Robert to be able to live life. Can the next person know that you will be there for them?

Please make a gift of $180 today to invigorate, to inspire, to give the gift of community and the gift of life to the Cynthias, Joes, Roberts and many other wonderful people like them.

If $180 is a lot for you right now, any amount will help. If you can give more, please do so. Whatever you can give, please know that whatever you send will be put to good use, every penny.


We all depend on real social interaction, community, and friendship. It gives us meaning. It gives us strength. It makes us who we are!


Your gift will help create a community, even in these difficult times. Your donation of $180, or any amount, helps make it possible.


You can bring this community together!


Your gift today does even more. It gives a message of love and care. You are sending a message “You are not alone. We are all part of one community.”

Your gift will facilitate check-in calls and safe visits to our seniors. Your gift will allow children to keep learning and bring enthusiasm into their homes. Your gift will ensure that the teachings and messages of Judaism do not get drowned out by the dark and lonely world many find themselves in. Your gift adds ammunition to the fight against the darkness!

You can make sure our community has a strong network of support when they need it most!

No one fully understands the impact of the pandemic and how our lives have changed. But one thing is for sure: your love and support will be understood and appreciated by many.

You can give them a community.

Your gift of $180 gives children a way to show their Jewish pride with a menorah on their car spreading the joy of Chanukah to the streets of Harford County.

Your gift of $360 gives 10 families the taste of Shabbos for a month.

Your gift of $100 gives people like Cynthia the time and assistance they need to help make the best decision for their struggling child.

You will light up their hearts with love, connection, and friendship. You will bring Jewish joy to our community and to those who really need a boost.

You are joining the fight to bring light to a dark world! A brighter world is waiting for all of us. Can you be the spark that lights the flame? 

It is needed now more than ever!

Thank you for joining the fight!  Thank you for creating the light!

Sincerely and with warm wishes for a Happy Chanukah!

Thank you, 


Rabbi Kushi Schusterman

P.S. Please consider a gift of $180 today to continue the fight to help Robert, Cynthia, and Joe and so many others connect with a wonderfully vibrant community. You will help them with their loneliness, and with their connection to Judaism that they miss so much. This community needs you to connect to their Judaism, community, and support system.