Love and Loss

  • art-background-blur-255441.jpg Shalom! My name is Carol. You may not know me but I owe you a debt of gratitude. My life has been transformed because of you and your support for Harford Chabad.

    I was raised a Catholic but early on I had felt it was not for me. I never found a spiritual home that was right for me. At the age of thirty-two, I discovered that my mother was Jewish and that according to Jewish tradition that would make me Jewish. I explored a little and visited a nearby synagogue but did not find the presence of God there or anything that resonated with me. I gave up on ever finding a faith community where I would feel at home.

    It was an act of tragedy and loss twenty-eight years later that opened the door for me to Judaism to a place I could call a spiritual home.

    My fiancé Norman and I were so happy together, I had just turned 55 and discovered the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. My joy and hope was cut short. Tragically, it was clear that his time was limited. It gave me some comfort that I was able to be with him through his last days. I will always cherish those moments with him.

    On the last day of his life, as he lay in the hospital the door opened and in came this wonderful young rabbi to pray with us. The rabbi was Rabbi Kushi. We did not know him but in that place of pain, fear, and loss Rabbi Kushi sang the Shema with his beautiful voice, and read the prayers that affirmed the ancient Jewish faith in the eternity of the soul. These ancient words stirred something within me but more importantly, his compassion, empathy and caring resonated with me.

    How the Rabbi found us, I do not know, but he was there, when we needed him most.

    The rabbi stayed in touch with me through the difficult time after Norman’s passing. When Rabbi Kushi reached out to me invited me to the course "The Journey of the Soul." I accepted. This was a topic that was relevant to me; I wanted to know where my beloved went after passing and if I would ever see him again. The class helped me immensely. I felt comforted for the first time after my loss. I have begun to read the Torah and attend events at Chabad.

    The entire congregation made me feels so accepted and welcome, giving me a deep sense of belonging. The rabbi always reaches out to remind me of special events. 

    I have found a home. A spiritual home and in many ways an extended family at Harford Chabad. Here at Chabad I feel the presence of G-d. Harford Chabad accepts people wherever they are spiritually, and Rabbi Kushi gently guides us further down a path of discovery and of adopting a more Jewish life.

    The Torah study has been a life changer for me. I see it as a guidebook, or a self-help book, ageless in its ability to shine the light on what we can truly be; what God knows we can be.

    Although our struggles continue in the modern world, the answers lie within the Torah, and Harford Chabad invites congregants to explore it, not only to help with those struggles, but to make sense of them as well.

    When I think about all that goes on here and the costs associated with running all the wonderful programs, allowing the rabbi to reach out to those who are in pain, lost or spiritually searching, I wish I had more to give. I am gratified that others feel the same way and support this wonderful organization and couple.

    It is your support that makes this all possible I am so grateful that you have given me and so many others this rich beautiful heritage, this warm caring community and the Rabbi and his wife who have been there every step of the way.

    Thank you for your generosity and caring. I know I am only one voice describing my story but when I think of all the unsung deeds of Rabbi Kushi and Chabad, when I multiply the good being done here I am overwhelmed with gratitude to all those who make this miracle happen. 

    When you support Harford Chabad, you are also supporting all the Jewish members of your community who want to reconnect with God and their own Jewish heritage bringing families and their community closer together.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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