pexels-pixabay-161842.jpgDo you ever wonder what if things were different? What our world would be like if we made different choices? What if we had been born into a different family or gone to a different school?

Sometimes I wonder what my world would look like if I never had the joy of meeting you. How would the community be different? What kind of Jewish presence would exist in Harford County?

After prodding by some and with the help of others, I present you with this impact link, stories about the effect of your gifts.

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You are a lighthouse! You are a beacon of light to those around you. Your support lights the way for those who are lost in the dark.

We want to thank you for your support! We share with you a ray of the light you have shined on Harford County. You have made it a more invigorating and inspiring community.

Thank You.

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman