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Come in Costume - Join the Festivities! 

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1)  Purimtini at Independent  - Wednesday, Feb 28th 7:00 PM

Purimtini is a fun and exciting event where the megillah is read, the community gathers and the people have fun. Kosher hors d'oeuvres will be provided. You pay for your own beer.

Masquerade -  COME IN COSTUME

There is no charge for this event.
RSVP required.
Sponsorship is available. 


2)  Purim Feast at Chabad  - Thursday, March 1st 5:00 PM

The 8th annual Purim Feast: an elegant sit down dinner with Kosher wine, and of course friends. Catering provided by "MyWifesKitchen (tm)".

Couvert $15 per person.
RSVP required.
Sponsorship is available. 



4 Mitzvot of Purim

1) Hear Megillah Twice - contact us 443.353.9718 or Rabbi@HarfordChabad.org 

2) Mishloach Manos

3) Matanot Levyonim

4) Have a Purim Feast