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Do your best!

Thursday, 27 February, 2014 - 9:12 pm

Tomorrow I will be getting my wisdom teeth pulled. Will I be losing some of my wisdom? I don’t know, but even if I do I can get it back.

How do I know? Simple. G-d made a Tabernacle in the spiritual worlds and yet tells the Jewish people to make a Tabernacle in the physical world as a home for Him to live in.

Many people think that G-d lives on a mountaintop and wants us to act perfectly. That is incorrect. What G-d wants is a home in an imperfect world. He yearns for a relationship with us. Knowing that he can make a flawless home and exclude us, He still chooses a house that is imperfect for us to perfect together.

The only prerequisite is to do your best.

Do your best to build the house and G-d will fill in the cracks.

The Midrash says that when Moses was lifting the heavy beams of the Tabernacle, he got tired. G-d told Moses to do his best and He will lift them with him.

Do your best to uplift and G-d will help you.

So if I lose wisdom, I just need to do my best to get it back and G-d will help.

Hope to SEE you at services (I probably won’t be able to talk much).

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman

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