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Clouds, Food & Water - Thats It!

Thursday, 13 June, 2013 - 8:00 am

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” Chinese Proverb 


Dear Rabbi Kushi,

I appreciate your offer to learn together as part of the "Moses makes house calls" program. I am not an intellectual and I don’t have any Jewish education in my background.

Maybe we can do some Jewish stuff together, but learning is just not my thing.




Dear Sharon,

I appreciate your comments and would love to do some “Jewish stuff” together. What are you talking about specifically?

Regarding learning, consider this when the Jewish people were a budding nation in the desert, they were given the tools to establish the Jewish people and sustain them for the future. In the desert they were physically kept alive and protected by three items. The Clouds of Glory, the Manna and the Rock turned well.

The "clouds of glory" protected everyone equally from snakes, scorpions and the other dangers of traveling in the desert.

The manna served as their food and nourishment. Tradition has it that it tasted like you want it to. Think I want ice cream and that’s what it tastes like.

The rock turned well, was their source of water which helped move the "manna" around the body, in order that every limb can receive sustenance.

These are three things that we need to include Judaism in our lives and sustain our nation going forward. I want you to learn because learning includes all three.

Learning Torah is more than an intellectual pursuit, it protects us from being affected by the negativity in the world, it gives us a perspective that helps us live in a dangerous world and thrive. Everyone is equal in the need to learn. This part of Torah learning was symbolized by the clouds. 

Learning Torah is also personalized - For some people they need to come to every class and not allow a day to go by without learning. Those who have the time and can learn about  Practice,Values and Community or they go to be inspired, a personalized learning experience. (The bold words are links) This part is symbolized by the Manna.

Learning Torah is a game changer. Water travels downhill, regardless of a person’s Jewish educational background - they too can learn. Torah affects you positively regardless how "far" you consider yourself. This part is symbolized by the well.

The 3 miracles were in the merit of Moses Aaron and Miriam. So consider a Moses house call or an Aaron house call or a Miriam house call.

Join the weekly class (you don't have to come every week) Season Three is wrapping up - try it out.Season 4 starting in July More info here .

or Email me for a private learning session Here.

Email Fraida to set up a time to learn with her privately Here.

Have a wonderful Shabbos

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman

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