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My friends don't get it!

Wednesday, 27 February, 2013 - 10:36 pm



Dear Rabbi,

I was reading your blog (also sent in an email ed.) about an infinite G-d and a finite G-d. I am sorry, while I am more spiritual, most of my friends do not understand that stuff.  If they don’t connect with the spiritual dimension, should I just not talk Judaism with them? Are they not “good Jews”?

Yours Truly,

Just Being Honest


Thank You! I love honest feedback.

Let me answer your two questions.

Regarding your friends that “don’t connect”, know that you must talk Judaism with them, if not for their sake do it for selfish reasons.

You see, we find that the wash basin in the Mishkan (tabernacle) was made from copper. In order to perform any service in the Mishkan it needed to be prefaced with using that washbasin, otherwise the service was invalid. All the other vessels in the Mishkan were made of gold and silver.

The message for us would be that in order to be able to “tap into” the spiritual (gold and silver), we must first become sanctified by engaging our friends (washing our hands in the copper basin). We should not judge them. However, we should try to understand their viewpoint and hopefully that will lift us and enable us to do our spiritual service properly.

Regarding your question about good Jews! I would suggest you watch this 4 and a half minute video entitled “Are you a good Jew?”

Your Friend,

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman


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