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You Can't Change

Thursday, 31 January, 2013 - 8:02 am


Dear Rabbi,

I saw a bumper sticker that said “Changing the world one mitzvah at a time” and it said Chabad Lubavitch in the middle. (image attached) You have told me before, that you don’t take responsibility for everything that every member of Chabad does. However I’d like to ask you. Do you think we can change the world? Do you see what goes on in the world? It’s a dark place…. 

R.U. Dreaming 
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Dear R.U.,

We can change the world! You & I, and anyone willing to leave the status quo behind. The hard part about change is that it starts “at home”. So to change the world we need to begin with changing ourselves.

We find this in the 10 commandments of this week’s Torah portion. The 10 commandments begin “I am the Lord your G-d who took you out of Egypt” it does not say “I am the Lord your G-d who created the world”. For a G-d to create a world is easy. It’s the change of nature (even a nature that G-d created) that is amazing.

This took place when the Jewish people left Egypt. Our Sages relate during that time "not one slave could escape from Egypt", and against nature a whole nation went out. The sea split against its nature, to allow the Jewish people to go through it.

So too we can change the world and nature. How? G-d gives us the tools. One Mitzvah - One connection with the infinite – at a time. Leave your comfort zone and do a mitzvah - a good deed.

Hope this helps,

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman

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