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Details Details Details...

Thursday, 14 February, 2013 - 8:01 am


Dear Rabbi Kushi,

I am sick of this prayer thing; specific words, pray to the east, towards Jerusalem… You say prayer is about connection? So let me connect. Why all the details? 

I have the same issue with the Mitzvot.  You say the mitzvot are about connecting to G-d. So let me connect... Why all the details? 

If G-d is infinite, can’t we connect any which way?

Nodet Ailes


Dear Nodet,

If G-d was just unlimited and infinite you would be right, However, G-d is not limited to infinite or finite. 

Therefore, to connect to an infinite G-d, you can do whatever you want that makes you feel connected. However, to connect to a finite G-d, we need to follow all the rules yet we should not expect an emotional connection. 

When we want to connect to G-d, we need to hold onto both sides.

On one hand, prayer is indeed a feeling of the heart, which is not limited to the physical place - but prayer should be towards Jerusalem, a limited and specific location.

G-d is infinite, but He decided to dwell precisely in a defined place – the Temple. 

The way to unite with G-d is precisely through the small details, "technicalities", of the mitzvah - He decided that only by this way can we unite with him.

Got it?

So we gonna connect at services this week?

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman

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