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Your Say

What locals are saying about Harford Chabad. Have your say, and write that you want it posted on the your say section of the website

Sukkot Experience

 I want to thank you and your family for having my family for Sukkot (sp?) It was a great experience. I learned a lot and the food was absolutely incredible!!!. Please let your wife know i think she is a fantastic cook.

Shabbat Dinner

 Thank you so much to Rabbí Kushi Schusterman and Fraida M Schusterman for having us for such a beautiful Shabbat dinner last night we really enjoyed:)

High Holidays

That was by far THE best service I have ever been to. Based on that my sister went second day to Chabad in her town. You might have a bigger crowd Yom Kippur as I raved about the service to my friends.

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