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Adult Education

Adult Education


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Debate and disputation are not only encouraged within Judaism but reside at the very heart of Jewish history and theology. Join us for this new course beginning Nov 1!
Join us every Shabbat morning!
Weekly learning - join us between JLI sessions!
Join together with fellow Jewish women for an inspiring discussion group, Torah and Tea offers study, camaraderie, hot tea, and delicious refreshments
The Art of Communication predicates its examination of mundane conversation and dialogue on the back of a hallowed principle: the injunction to love your fellow as yourself. Communication requires us to inhabit the reality of another, to enter their mind and identify with their perspective, no matter how foreign it may seem.
Rethink everything you know about our universe. Explore the nature of our world and the meaning of the human condition as you contemplate existential questions about consciousness, the physical, and the metaphysical, to unveil the hidden unity and pervading truth of our existence.

Moses Makes Housecalls - Learn with Rabbi Schusterman one-on-one or host a group of your friends - You choose the topic!